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Scholar | Profile of Barikisu Nasiru Zawi

Cohort Four

Barikisu Nasiru Zawi

Senior High School Attended: Assin Manso Senior High School, Central Region

Programme of Study: BSc Geological Engineering

Core Values: Humility, Hardworking, Contentment and Compassionate

Aspirations: Educationist

I hail from Zini in the Upper West Region but was born and bred in Madina a suburb of Accra. I have witnessed so many things in Madina right from infancy to my current state and I haved seen that it's either you and your family or you alone. My upbringing saw things like learn and grow up to be somebody in the future so that you can have anything you want. My parents as well as siblings, always say being successful makes you independent. As a young lady, I realised that my being successful is not about only me but it involves a whole lot of people and that includes my community. I saw many girls of my age who left school for one reason or the other or simply they were not interested in school.

It is for these that I have set my goals to help young girls of my community to achieve their dreams and aspirations and also to know their worth to the community and the nation as a whole. For this, I see a community where young girls take up the mantle and lead.

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