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Scholar | Profile of Redemptor Jephias Zhou

Cohort Four

Redemptor Jephias Zhou

Senior High School Attended: Pakame High School, Zimbabwe

Programme of Study: BSc Herbal Medicine

Core Values: Perseverance, Optimism, Versatility and Dependability

Aspirations: Pharmacognosy Specialist

Redemptor is a first born in a family of three males and one female. I hail from Gwanda, Matabeleland South in Zimbabwe. My role model is Muhammed Ali, whose well documented resilience is and has been one of my prime motivations. I am an adherent of current affairs, medical journals, and writing. As a dreamer, I believe that in every form of solution seeking situation, there is an unconventional solution to it, and it is the function of dreamers to see beyond the situation. Also, issues pertaining to human health's woes are not an exception as the world is already engaged in an almost clueless battle against some endemic diseases whose natural transformation has seen them becoming resistant to some drugs. That is why I would like to specialise in Pharmacognosy after attaining of my bachelor’s degree.

My aim would be - to be involved in research into crude plant drugs. By this, I believe, I would have deployed myself onto the frontline to defend humanity. As a first born, it is my credence that, God bestowed on me; leadership and thus, any knowledge and expertise acquired, should also be of service to my sphere. I would also like to pursue a writing path in the future.

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Redemptor Jephias Zhou

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