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Breaking Germs Transmission During Hand Washing; A Scholar's Contribution to the Fight Against COVID-19

Frederick Ennin

Frederick Ennin, a final year Mastercard Foundation (MCF) scholar studying Medical Laboratory Technology at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), has developed a device considered to introduce a more sustainable approach to break germs transmission cycle during handwashing. He developed this as his contribution towards the containment of COVID-19.

Frederick was motivated by the fact that many people are likely to be vulnerable during this period where the world is challenged with a pandemic and as a Mastercard Scholar, trained to be a problem-solver, he thought through and developed this device called the “Point Washer” to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus through hand washing.

Point Washer
Mr. Samuel Nash, Deputy Program Manager, MCFSP at KNUST, Demonstrating how the Point Washer Works

The Point Washer has almost no limitations as it does not employ hydro-electricity, sensor, battery, or solar system. It is a mobile device, more convenient to use, cost effective, light-weighted and uses very reliable mechanical system. It can be connected to water reservoir or direct tap to flow by normal gravity. The volume of soap or water to dispense is regulated by the user and can easily be adjusted. It also has a slot to hold liquid soap which can be refilled. Dispensary of soap and water is regulated using the foot which eliminates the touching of the system, hence, breaking germs transmission.

The device can easily be transported from one water reservoir to another due to its lightweight and simple nature.

Frederick Ennin loves to explore for new ideas which can be transformed to improve human lives. He is the Founder and CEO of Passion-Driven Sustainable Innovations (PSI), an NGO which deals in basic inventions.

Frederick believed that amidst health crisis, young people can do something amazing to compliment to what the health professionals are doing tirelessly at various health centres to save lives.

This invention was supervised by KNUST Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC).

Watch How the Point Washer Works!