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Live a Purposeful Life!-Emmanuel Fiifi Musah

Emmanuel Fiifi Musah

Emmanuel Fiifi Musah

Final Year Student, BSc. Agribusiness Management

Cohort II Scholar

Message to the Scholars’ Community; Live a Purposeful Life!

Life, as confusing as it may appear, as dicey it may seem, can be turned into a purposeful one by a string of change. One’s purpose becomes therefore, the core to stay committed, the joy to press harder and the fuel to spark up extinguished dreams. The purpose of one’s life becomes the vehicle to transport their visions into realities, the engine for ensuring sustenance, the hub for personal, career and professional growth and the roadmap for continuity. It is a critical factor that can ruin destinies, delay timely opportunities and cause abrupt failure. Have a purpose!

Every individual may have the delight to reach a greater height. They start climbing the ladder of life with the vigour of determination, start the race with the gaze of the prize in mind, but so many people are thrown out of the victory lane. The means to get to the top of the ladder and finish the race for the priceless crown are approached differently by different people. This brings a differentiating line between the winner and the others. The strategies devised may bring the differences in their end result. Thus, the process is equally as important as the product. Choose strategies that will connect you to your purpose and inspire your dreams.

It is one thing to live and another to live in the hearts and linger forever in the minds of people. Making an impact and putting smiles on the faces of others predisposes an individual to live a purposeful life. To complement your victory, add to the success stories of others by contributing to rewriting their storylines.

Let every minute of your life count! Live a purposeful life!! Make an impact!!!