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MCFSP at KNUST Orients 150 New Scholars

MCFSP at KNUST Orients 150 New Scholars

An orientation program was organised for the 150 newly recruited scholars under the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (MCFSP at KNUST) at the Great Hall Conference room. The newly recruited scholars (Cohort VI scholars) comprise of 140 Ghanaians and 10 internationals with 100 of them being females and 50 males.

The program which served as a platform to welcome scholars, address issues concerning their scholarships and their general stay on campus, saw several personalities gracing the program as resource persons.

Professor Kofi Owusu-Daaku
Professor Kofi Owusu-Daaku, Lead for the Vice Chancellor, MCFSP at KNUST

The Lead for the Vice Chancellor on the Scholars Program at KNUST, Professor Kofi Owusu-Daaku, welcomed the scholars to the scholars’ community. He told the scholars that they have no reason to be ashamed of yourselves and where you are coming from.

He congratulated the scholars on their achievements so far and cautioned them to value the opportunity which has been given to them. He advised them to live an ethical life on campus.

Ms. Afia Ampomah Awuah
Ms. Afia Ampomah Awuah, Program Manager, MCFSP at KNUST

Ms. Afia Ampomah Awuah, the Program Manager, MCFSP at KNUST, gave a presentation on what the Scholars Program at KNUST is about, why they are here as scholars and what is expected of them. She explained to them the need to lead transformation in their communities by coming up with developmental projects; which is mandatory of every scholar.

Introducing them to the Baobab platform, Ms. Awuah said that the Baobab platform connects all Mastercard Scholars around the world. She encouraged them to make good use of the platform since there are a lot of opportunities available there.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Stephen Jantuah
Rev. Fr. Dr. Stephen Jantuah, Counselor, MCFSP at KNUST

In his presentation, Rev. Fr. Dr. Stephen Jantuah, Counselor of MCFSP at KNUST, educated the scholars on the need for counselling as an individual and also took the scholars through the various counselling support services available to them on campus. He revealed that the Counselling Unit takes care of the psychological needs, individual needs, assessment of academic issues and additional support services for scholars. Fr. Jantuah entreated them to be visiting the Unit as often as they can.

Rev. Dr. (Sr.) Frances Emily Owusu-Ansah
Rev. Dr. (Sr.) Frances Emily Owusu-Ansah, Head, KCC

Rev. Dr. (Sr.) Frances Emily Owusu-Ansah, Head of KNUST Counselling Centre (KCC), oriented the scholars on time management and achieving academic excellence. She advised them that they should always plan their daily activities and live a balance life as scholars due to the demanding nature of tertiary education. This, she believes, will help them meet their physical, social/emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs. She further encouraged them to cultivate good healthy friendships.

Rev. Dr. J. W. Acheampong
Rev. Dr. J. W. Acheampong, Protestant Chaplain, KNUST

Rev. Dr. J. W. Acheampong, the Protestant Chaplain of KNUST, addressed the scholars on the need to blend pursuing academic excellence with their religious life on campus. He reminded the scholars of the need to be focussed in life. He employed them to be grateful for the opportunity they have been given to be part of the Scholars Program.

He said that the purpose of them being at KNUST is to study to prepare for life, but it is also a place to be spiritually matured and morally upright. He encouraged them to develop an excellent spirit and stand up for integrity in all their correspondences.

Mrs. Bernice Peasah
Mrs. Bernice Peasah, Counsellor, KCC

Taking her turn in the orientation program, Mrs. Bernice Peasah, Counsellor at the KCC, spoke to the scholars on personal grooming and branding. She said that grooming is very important in an individual’s life for a positive self-image. She also admonished the scholars to have a personal brand that will make them stand out amongst their peers.

Mrs. Peasah enlightened the scholars on the various ways of keeping themselves clean at all times to boost their self-confidence.