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MCFSP at KNUST Orients 2016 Batch of Scholars

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The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi (MCFSP at KNUST) has held an orientation ceremony for the 150 cohort three scholars comprising of 135 Ghanaian and 15 international students at the Great Hall Conference Room, KNUST. The orientation, which was held on the 16th September of 2016, sought to welcome and initiate the 150 scholars into the MCF Scholars Program as well as the general life on campus.

Mrs Bernice Peasah, Counselor, Office of the Dean of students
Mrs. Bernice Peasah, Counselor, Office of the Dean of Students


In her presentation, Mrs. Bernice Peasah, Counselor at the Office of the Dean of Students, stated that the opportunity given to be scholars represents a time in life that may impact on how the rest of their lives may turn out to be. She advised the scholars about the need to develop effective time management skills as it would help in making conscious choices by prioritising and giving preference to the urgent and important activities. She believed that this would cause an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Mrs. Peasah admitted that achieving academic excellence can be stressful but it brings about positive changes to the scholar. She advised that they plan their studies in advance as it would ensure that scholars are not ambushed with surprises in their academic work. They would also reduce wasted time and also increase creativity. Further, she urged scholars to ensure personal hygiene as well as a good image of themselves. The scholars, she said, are brands of KNUST thus the need to represent the school positively through their character and conduct.

Rev. Dr. Paul K. Boafo
Rev. Dr. Paul K. Boafo, Protestant Chaplain, KNUST


Rev. Dr. Paul K. Boafo, the Protestant Chaplain, KNUST, addressed the scholars about the importance of ensuring a perfect balance between academic work and religious life on campus. The two disciplines, he noted are one of another and contribute towards the holistic success of the scholars and their usefulness to their families and communities. Rev. Dr. Boafo reiterated the need for scholars to be prudent in time management as well as warning against the complacency of relying solely on prayers for academic excellence. Such students, he said, would be disappointed by God. He encouraged scholars to develop an excellent spirit and stand up for integrity at all times.

Ms Priscilla Kafui Asamoah
Ms. Priscilla Kafui Asamoah, Member, MCFSP at KNUST Counseling Team


Ms. Priscilla Kafui Asamoah, a member of the MCFSP at KNUST Counseling Team, took scholars through the various counseling support services. She explained that the Counseling Unit takes care of the individual needs, assessment of scholars comprising; psychological needs, academic issue and psychosocial services. Scholars from cohorts one and two, Miller Jackson and Lydia Gyabaah respectively were also invited to share their experiences with the new scholars.

Ms Theodora Oduro
Mrs. Theodora Oduro


Mrs. Theodora Oduro, a resource person on management and personal branding, took the scholars through a financial management session. She encouraged them to create and stick to a budget as a means of tracking all their expenses. She inculcated the habit of savings and added that scholars should set for themselves financial limits in order to prevent impulse buying. Representatives from Unibank were also present to introduce scholars to some of their investment opportunities such as Smile and WealthMaster Plus