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MCFSP at KNUST Orients KNUST-ASU 3+1+1 IADP Cohort 3 Scholars

KNUST-ASU 3+1+1 IADP Cohort 3 Scholars

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science Technology (MCFSP at KNUST) has organised an orientation program for the forty (40) successful cohort 3 applicants for the KNUST - Arizona State University (ASU) 3+1+1 International Accelerated Degree Programme (IADP) for the next academic year. The orientation sought to address issues pertaining to the Scholars Program and what is expected of Scholars of the 3+1+1 IADP.

Dr. Kofi Owusu Daaku
Dr. Kofi Owusu Daaku, Lead for the Scholars Program at KNUST

Dr. Kofi Owusu Daaku, Lead for the Scholars Program at KNUST, in his opening remarks congratulated the scholars for successfully getting this far with their application. He advised those who do not have passports to quickly apply for some in order to meet the timelines set by the Scholars Program.

Dr. Daaku, told them to be mindful of the fact that they are ambassador of KNUST and that they should go out there and make KNUST, Ghana and Africa proud. He further advised them on several issues, admonishing them not to ruin the existing reputation KNUST have had from the excellent performances of their predecessors (Cohort one and two Scholars). He also cautioned them to take their academics and studies serious, be punctual in class, continue with the hard work that has brought them thus far and exhibit good leadership qualities as well as been ethically sound.

He again encouraged them to uphold the good conduct they have been taught at KNUST and that they shouldn’t go and engage in any bad acts which does not depict the Ghanaian/African culture.

Mrs. Matilda K. Owusu-Bio
Mrs. Matilda K. Owusu-Bio, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Supply Chain & Information Systems

In her presentation, Mrs. Matilda K. Owusu-Bio, an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems, encouraged the scholars to be proud of themselves for their achievements and always bear in mind that they are smart and shouldn’t let the new environment intimidate them should they leave KNUST to ASU. She told them to use the opportunity given them to change the narrative of what others think of the African. Mrs. Owusu-Bio advised them to be bold wherever they may find themselves and make KNUST proud.

She also cautioned them on the use of social media and oriented them to be mindful of what they say or debate on their social media platforms.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Stephen Jantuah
Rev. Fr. Dr. Stephen Jantuah, Counsellor, Scholars Program at KNUST

Rev. Fr. Dr. Stephen Jantuah, Counsellor of the Scholars Program at KNUST, in his presentation told the scholars to know how to adapt well in the ASU environment since they are going to be with different people with different cultures. He admonished them to help one another and be each other’s keeper. He told them not to change their culture but rather learn the new cultures and also share the African culture with their future networks.

He also advised them to take their spiritual life serious even as they travel to a new environment.

Dr. Francis Davis
Dr. Francis Davis, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Francis Davis, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering spoke to the scholars about their Summer School session. He explained that, the Summer School comprises of short courses organised for them before they are transitioned to ASU. He said that, the summer school is an important aspect of their selection criteria so they should be well prepared for it.

He advised them to take their studies serious and work very hard to avoid trails in their end of semester exams as well as the Summer School exams.