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Nature Always Gives Us Reasons Never to Give Up - Djibril Rashad

Djibril Rashad

I have spent many hours starring through my window, day after day, night after night and I keep asking myself these random questions, how do I make it in life?, how did all these great people accomplish what they have in their lives now?

This is something general, but the trepidation is how to go by it. Life is not about being rich, but the question is, how is it about then? This epiphany keeps striking me day in, day out. At times I have no option but to concur to what most of us believe so prominently that, we obligate everything into God’s hands, it isn’t bad to consecrate your life and everything into the hands of the supreme being but what we’ve overlooked prospect of is the fact that, God has already given us dominion over everything as it’s quantified in the holy writ “I have created you in my image and likeness“

Now image here if carefully scrutinised is an unswerving reflection of oneself, so no matter who you are, whether cripple, blind, poor or rich you are the replication of God on this earth. Having the image of God makes you hypothetically capable of accomplishing everything you set your mind on as Napoleon Hill once said, “whatever that the mind of man can conceive and believe, it’s achievable”

As I started with my humdrum, I had this great flash of cognisance about this peculiar thing, there was a bird that kept on soaring by. It always held a single stick with the beak each time it passes by so in order to appeal to the curiosity in me, I followed it to have a better view of what essentially it intends doing with the pieces of stick its hoarding. To my surprise, I found out that, it was working on a nest, the nest was half built and immediately after it was done fixing the single piece of stick it brought, it quickly went back for another. It never carried two or more neither was it in a hurry to complete the nest in just a single day.

Life is much akin to that of the bird, I realised from the bird’s approach that there are only two things to observe if we really want to make it in life.

First, you must know exactly what you want, most people never make this decision, in this our modern society driven by instant gratification, we want everything now. Like the bird, it already had a vision before it started picking those pieces of stick every day.

Secondly, you must determine the price that you have to pay in order to achieve it and then go busy paying the price. Many people make this mistake of thinking that they will pay the price after they have experienced success. They sit in front of the stove of life and say, “first give me some heat, and then I’ll put in some wood.’’

As a motivational speaker zig ziglar once said, “the elevator to success is out of service but the stairs are widely opened”. The bird after setting it goal started working on it consistently by picking those pieces of sticks.

Just as houses are built by positioning brick after brick, so is our future built by persistently working on our dreams step by step, Rome wasn’t built in a day, for even the world wasn’t created in a single day. What makes you think you can accomplish all that you desired for in just a single day?

We should never by in a hurry to achieve precision suddenly, for evolution to take place, principle must be upon principle. First, set your goals and secondly go busy working on it but keep in mind that no condition is permanent, for nothing can be too good and nothing can be too bad, there will surely be some ups and downs for life is indeed marked by temporal failures and occasional success.