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A Seminar on Life after University and the Scholars Program Organised

Talk Shop on Life after University

As part of efforts to successfully transition Scholars from the University and the Scholars Program to the job market, a program themed “Meet the Alumni”, has been organised by the Alumni Association of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and the Technology (MCFSP at KNUST) for the final year scholars of the Scholars Program. The program which took place at the Dean of Students’ Conference room sought to enlighten the final year scholars on the steps to take and decisions to make before they complete university; the possible challenges and opportunities that awaits them.

Mrs. Eunice Akosua Ofosua
Mrs. Eunice Akosua Ofosua, President, KNUST Global Alumni Association

In addressing the final year scholars, Mrs. Eunice Akosua Ofosua, President, KNUST Global Alumni Association shared her experiences on life after the university and also took time to expose the scholars to what the KNUST Global Alumni Association is about. She said everyone is a lifelong learner and alumni associations across all networks provide that platform for members to learn, share knowledge and network.

She therefore talked about the various chapters of KNUST Global Alumni Association. She said, currently there are forty (40) strong chapters around the globe and wherever one may find himself or herself in the world, there is always a chapter to join for networking and many other opportunities. She encouraged the scholars to register and join the chapters wherever they may be in the world and pledged the support of her executives towards helping the MCFSP at KNUST Alumni Association in all their activities and projects they plan to initiate.

Rebecca Tawiah
Rebecca Tawiah, Scholar Alumnus

Rebecca Tawiah, an alumnus of the Scholars Program, shared her experiences on her life after MCFSP at KNUST. She said it hasn’t been easy, thus now she has to cater for all her needs and other auxiliary expenses by herself with her meager allowance as a National Service person. She talked about some benefits and challenges after university.

She engaged the scholars on plans one needs to have after completing the university on whether one wants to further his or her studies, get employed, become an entrepreneur or get married. If it is employment one wants, the person should know the kind of job he or she want and the needed preparations the person may need in order to get that employment.

Rebecca therefore admonished the final year scholars to concentrate on their community go-back give-back projects and that it doesn’t end after school, it should continue and not consider it as burden. She advised them to be members of the MCFSP at KNUST Alumni Association.

Benedict Mawuli  Agagli
Benedict Mawuli  Agagli, Scholar Alumnus

Benedict Mawuli  Agagli, a scholar alumnus also shared his knowledge about the Ghana National Service Scheme. He said that it is mandatory for every Ghanaian to offer his or her service to the nation, even if you study outside Ghana. He elaborated on the things one would need in order to register for national service and the thorough preparations you need to make before starting the national service including getting a place to be posted to and many more.

He also advised the scholars on their postings, that no matter where they are posted to, they should go and render their services to the nation and impart lives as ethical and transformative agents. He also said that, without national service it will be difficult to be employed in the public sector.

Stephen Danquah, MCFSP at KNUST Alumnus, addressed the scholars on employment opportunities. He admonished the scholars to align their careers with all the possible opportunities that are available. “Even if there are no opportunities, look for some”, he said. He encouraged the scholars to start their job search early enough to avoid any form of disappointment.

Mr. Danquah further advised the scholars on the need to be exceptional anywhere they find themselves and that; being exceptional is about understanding and developing passion for what you do.

Other speakers at the event were scholar alumni Napoleon Donkor and Prince Adufah who also shared their experiences on entrepreneurship and graduate studies opportunities respectively.

In a related development, Mr. Simon Awintuuma Ndewin, President, MCFSP at KNUST Alumni Association took the prospective alumni of the Scholars Program through excerpts of a draft constitution proposed for the operations and governance of the Association.