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Vice Chancellor of UI Visits a Community Project Site of a Mastercard Scholar

University of Ibadan

The Vice Chancellor of University of Ibadan (UI), Professor Abel Idowu Olayina and the Director of Research Management Office at UI, Professor Samuel Ayodele Jegede, as part of their working visit to the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (MCFSP at KNUST) Secretariat, Ghana, visited Mr. Prince Baffour Agyei - a third-year MCFSP at KNUST Scholar’s community project site in Aboaso, Ashanti Bekwai Municipality of Ghana.

Professor Abel Idowu Olayina
Professor Abel Idowu Olayina, Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan

According to Prof. Idowu Olayina, the site visit was to enable them appreciate the opportunities that Mastercard Scholars create in their communities through their Community Projects and Engagements and also enquire about the challenges that scholars go through in implementing their community-based projects.

In welcoming the delegation at his project site (Wings to Fly Enterprise, a soap making enterprise), Mr. Prince Baffour Agyei expressed his appreciation for the visit. He told the delegation that, the low-income women in his rural community, whom he has trained, handcraft the soaps they produce at Wings to Fly Enterprise. “My focus on rural women is born from my believe that economic opportunity for women holds a promise for real change, because when women have income, they invest in themselves, their children’s education and nutrition to build stronger families and communities over time,” he added.

Mr. Prince Baffour Agyei
Mr. Prince Baffour Agyei, Mastercard Scholar

Mr. Agyei in his presentation said that his initiative trains and creates opportunities for rural women to be empowered financially. Currently, twenty-five (25) rural women have been trained and he has employed ten (10) of them as full-time staff; working to produce laundry, cosmetics and household chemicals. In addition, he has partnered with the Ashanti Bekwai National Board for Small-Scale Industries (NBSSI) and Nurturing Dreams Ghana to extend his soap making training to other rural women in other neighbouring communities.

According to him, his enterprise is currently undergoing expansion and he has made plans to mechanise their operations to scale up the number of soaps they produce in a day. This he intends to complete by the end of 2020. When the expansion work is completed, ten (10) more women will be recruited to join the production staff, he added.

Wings to Fly Enterprise
The Delegation at the Project Expansion Site

He said that, upon completing the expansion works, he intends to employ forty (40) more rural women who will be engaged in the marketing and distribution of the finished products.

Mr. Prince Baffour Agyei is a Mastercard Scholar and the founder of Wings to Fly Enterprise, an enterprise that seeks to contribute to the renaissance of women empowerment and financial freedom by training and employing rural women in soap making.

University of Ibadan
Some of the Products of Wings to Fly Enterprise

Wings to Fly Enterprise produces multi-purpose MegaZone - a floor and tile cleaning solution formulated to perfectly remove stain, the Mega Dish and Hand Wash for cleaning dishes and washing hands, Mega Laundry Bar Soap for doing laundry and Mega Honey Shower Gel - produced from local honey and cocoa pod to remove blemish and nourishes the skin.

Mr. Baffour Agyei’s community project is funded under the Scholar Entrepreneurship Fund (SEF).